Chris Sladek

Head of Post Production

“If you’re going to throw yourself down a large set of stairs, you might as well film it.” If you ask Chris, a longtime skateboarder, how he first got into video production, that’s the answer he’ll give you. “Skateboarding and video are synonymous, so I spent just as much time practicing editing as I did learning tricks.” Chris has been professionally trained as far back as high school, enrolling in the Media and Communications discipline at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, where he was exposed to web design, television production, and virtually everything in-between. But his passion remained with editing and motion design.

Chris continued to pursue his education in Video Production at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he received his degree as well as the Best Portfolio Award. Arriving at Bowstring Studios as an intern in 2008, Chris’ relentless dedication to perfect his craft gained him not only a full-time position, but eventually the top position in the Bowstring post-production hierarchy. Since then, he’s lead the post-production cavalry on nearly every project that’s come through the door, including nationally broadcasted programs for networks like NBC, NBCSN, CBS, MTV, and FS1, to name a few. Today, Chris oversees the Bowstring post-production process and works closely with the producers, art directors, editors and animators to maintain the highest-quality deliverables, as well as instill an inquisitive and creative atmosphere in which our team can identify and exceed our collective limits.

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