Diego Prusky

Chief Strategist & Co-Founder

For over 15 years, Diego Prusky has been a digital and technology thought leader for Latin America and the U.S., having led the original InPulse’s agency’s growth at the helm of the digital evolution. With a particular focus on media, music, and entertainment, Diego has developed and executed successful cases on the growth and amplification of the digital and social media businesses for numerous iconic brands.

He has built strategic relationships and successful cases on the growth and amplification of the digital and social media businesses for iconic brands in the US market, such as Mattel’s American Girl and Barbie, Univision Network, celebrities such as Marc Anthony, Los Tigres del Norte, Mexican soccer star Rafa Marquez amongst others; for Latin America, the NBA, E! Online, SyFy and The Food Network.
Heralded by the multicultural marketing industry as a veteran digital strategist with a specialty in Facebook and Google marketing, he is often invited to speak at major conferences like MIDEM, Billboard, Monitor Latino, and A2IM Tech Day as well as a frequent speaker for CNN Español on digital leadership.

Diego’s vision and philosophy of the importance of relevant content and storytelling as the basis of acute digital optimization have led him to the evolution of InPulse into The Story Room, in which he has incorporated both his vast marketing experience, targeted analytical and technical approaches.

Originally a chemistry major in Uruguay, Diego became a software development expert while finishing his degree, later earning a degree in Chemical Engineering, from the Universidad de la República, Uruguay. After his relocation to the US 15 years ago, Diego has strengthened his bi-cultural expertise and know-how on the duality of the marketplaces, in both, US and Latin America.

As the strategic leader of The Story Room, Diego currently resides in Miami with his wife, 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter to whom he has passed on his curious mind. Although once an avid windsurfer and snowboarder, these days his selfish pleasure is helping them discover the world, and how things work.