Antoinette Zel

CEO & Founder

A veteran of media and entertainment, Antoinette Zel is the CEO and Founder of The Story Room. Founded in 2016, The Story Room is the progeny of Antoinette’s multi-faceted 30-year career working with iconic brands, creativity and smart result-driven marketing.

A graduate of Tufts University, Columbia Law School and always a passionate advocate of the creative courageous spirit, Antoinette practiced as an entertainment attorney in NY representing diverse types of creative artists with a strong bent toward celebrating their creative output toward commercialization. At the peak of the zeitgeist of music television and young adult content, she joined Viacom International in NY and spent 15 years as President and CEO of Viacom Latin America, spearheading MTV, Nickelodeon and VH1.

After operating as Chief Marketing Officer and head of Strategy for NBC Universal Telemundo, and seeing the opportunity for national brands optimize their stories across the nascent digital ecosystem, Antoinette pivoted to a broader marketing role and joined highly creative partners to grow global ad agency the Community. As CEO and partner, together they managed iconic brand clients like Apple, Converse, Volvo and Corona Imports amongst others. Resulting in its subsequent sale to Sapient/Publicis, Antoinette pivoted back to media and became the CEO of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’ multimedia company and TV network El Rey based in Austin, NY and Los Angeles.

Strengthened by her passion for digital ideas to be the most profound way to connect with people, she founded The Story Room agency. Its mission is clear: to offer solutions for brands to understand how to convert their most interesting truths and stories into ideas that connect with people in ways that drive measured results. Believing many brands and businesses have not migrated quick enough to seize the power of digital, she is the heart and soul of The Story Room’s mission to deliver creative-based content and digital solutions that work.