There are about 200 to 250 million monthly active Facebook users above the age of 18. Cambridge Analytica gathered 50 million […]

During 2015, digital advertising revenues reached $59.6 million, which is a 20% increase from last year’s numbers.

Mark Zuckerberg did it again. Instant Articles is Facebook’s new tool for editors and media from all over the world

Agency Restructures Senior Management Given New Client Growth MIAMI, January 12, 2016 – InPulse Digital Marketing now The Story Room, […]

Buscamos personas con buen expertise en implementación de websites, con cuidado extremo del detalle

Fresh original content from InPulse Digital now The Story Room and American Girl connects with fans in the creation of […]

The media giant and the social media agency develop an online strategy to be consumers’ companion before, during, and after […]

Next July 22nd the third edition of Social Media Day will take place in Uruguay. Our account executive for Bic […]

1.The great minority With a population of 56 million, US Hispanics represent the biggest US minority, and it is expected […]

The latest tool for social media strategies Facebook developed a new app to help celebrities and athletes connect with their […]