Edmundo Bianchi Lead Creative

Edmundo Bianchi

Lead Creative


Edmundo could have gone down the entertainment route, as he has almost 10 years of acting experience (his first credit in a movie was as a “shadow” -literally-) and also signed up for every Latin American Idol audition (though now glad he never went to any of those).

But instead, he graduated with a degree in Social Communications from Universidad Central of Venezuela, and received special recognition for his thesis on the new ways of consuming audiovisual content. Since then, he has developed a career path focused on digital and corporate communications, first as Community Manager in Analiticom, one of the top digital agencies in Venezuela, then as Communications assistant for General Electric in Venezuela, Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean, and as TV Everywhere Coordinator at E! Entertainment Television in Venezuela.

After living in the US for 2 years, quickly learning to love peanut butter and string cheese, Edmundo relocated to Mexico where he soon joined us at The Story Room. Starting out as a Social Media Editor and now as Lead Creative, Edmundo stays on top of current creative trends, comes up with fast and effective solutions to everyday challenges, and builds strong relationships with our clients, such as Food Network Latam, Univision, Marc Anthony, Los Tigres del Norte, and E! Online Latin America.

Edmundo currently leads a workshop project in Mexico with 2 of his closest friends, where they focus on providing tools for creativity, social media, and public speaking to entrepreneurs.

Edmundo is based in Mexico City and reports to Juan Martín Bertolotti – Associate Creative Director.