Elisabeth Bohlmann

VP Strategic Growth & Operations

For the past 8 years, Elisabeth has been one of the strategic and creative minds behind our clients’ successes and the agency’s efficient and well-run operation. She is the most senior executive at The Story Room, having worked with Diego Prusky at the inception of their first digital foray into digital marketing for music and entertainment marketing. Elisabeth is now The Story Room’s VP of Strategic Growth & Operations, responsible for overseeing daily operations and business development. Previous roles such as VP of Business Development, Senior Account Director, Marketing Manager, and many more, have shaped her today to be a cross-functional and highly effective general manager who keeps the trains running on time while assuring that the culture in The Story Room is true to its mission.

Her versatile background, matched with a talent for understanding each brand’s needs, makes Liz a crucial component in achieving the myriad of objectives our clients seek from their digital marketing efforts. Thus, she is crucial in helping define and develop custom marketing solutions with aesthetic precision and timely execution.
Part business guru and part artistic prodigy, Liz has a degree in Behavioral Economics and International Business from Bonn University in Germany.

Having lived and studied in Germany, California, the Netherlands and South America this globetrotting polyglot is fluent in German, English, Spanish and Dutch. This allows her to truly think multiculturally, making her a sought-out speaker for music marketing throughout Latin America, Europe, and the U.S.

A multilingual songwriter and singer, she debuted her first solo CD at the age of 21. She plays the guitar, violin, piano, harp, mandolin, flute among other instruments. She is undoubtedly the keystone and creative muse at The Story Room.

Liz and her two dogs are based in Montevideo but travels frequently to the U.S.