Isabella Gonzalez

Manager – Creative Team

Although Isabella is the youngest senior member of the Story Room team, her youth is her strength. Her passionate spirit drives our team to optimize current social media formats, trends and technologies and push to go further. She is always in search of the best way to express brand stories and has the idealism to believe all is possible for our clients’ most successful digital life.

With her innate digital expertise, digital experience and deep knowledge of social media, she leads and inspires a cavalry of social media creatives who create on a daily and hourly basis the voice and persona for such brands, media, and entertainment titans as Sony TV, NBA, E! Latino, Food Network, Marc Anthony, SyFy TV, with their fingers on the pulse of everything online.

A proud gamer #g33k, Isa spends her off-time slaying dragons and leading teams of role players online in battles to save the universe.

Born in Venezuela, she graduated from Universidad Santa MarĂ­a, Caracas, with a major in Social Communication and Audiovisual Journalism. Isa is based in Montevideo and reports to ACD JuanMa Bertolotti.