Juan Martin Bertolotti

Associate Creative Director

With over a decade of experience working in digital, social and mixed-media industries, JuanMa drives the creative leadership at the Story Room. Juan Martin is the Associate Creative Director and is responsible for supervising the visual creative team.

JuanMa also works closely with all digital editors to ensure brand consistency and high creative standards when creating assets for a brand’s online life. Understanding that there is demand for relevant, authentic, and diverse content, he’s is a stickler for creating that work that is always true to its native channel.

A natural and charismatic manager, JuanMa brings out the best in his diverse creative team of pop-culture-addicted creative ninjas (art directors, graphic designers, video editors). Together, they keep their wits and skills sharp by working 24/7 to stay ahead of the constantly evolving technology, trends, and formats social users engage with daily. Whether Snapchat, Youtube, or the myriad of social platforms, JuanMa and his team know what kind of content works where.

A copywriter at heart, with a keen mastery of language, JuanMa’s visual creative side is always evolving, as is necessary to successfully tell the stories of the brands he works with. A veteran skateboarder and a front man for two thriving hardcore/heavy metal/punk bands; JuanMa can be seen and heard hammering away at his guitar at music festivals and venues around Latin America.

JuanMa is based in Montevideo.