We admit it, we too are nostalgic for the days when organic was easy.. how fun to just publish a good piece of content and everyone saw it!

Today, it’s all about the Benjamins that open the pearly gates to the audiences we need or don’t bother with a social media strategy at all if you’re counting on Zuck to open those gates without a smart, optimized media plan to get the most bang from your buck.

Exclusive media buying agencies implement multi-media plans and plan for paid social with a “set and forget” approach that gets reviewed monthly as they are not in a position to optimize the buys by quickly adapting creative assets since that role often sits at another agency.

That’s where The Story Room shines. Think of us as haute-couture for paid social media.

We believe the success of a strong paid social media plan is directly tied to the quality of the creative, and its targeting. Since our media planners sit side by side to the creatives, we are able to optimize budgets in refreshing ways that deliver frequently unprecedented efficiencies and value. Makes sense right? The better the creative, the harder your budget works.

While display’s ‘easy’ web banner click rates are under 0.01%, paid social combined with good creative enables our team to reach the desired audiences and compel them to stop scrolling and react.