Digital PR is today’s new journalistic currency that requires a commitment to clever ideas and storytelling that traditional PR never could deliver in a straightforward press release that was pitched or traditional publicity efforts. We believe all PR today is digital and requires a savvy understanding of how to leverage audiences online.

Our digital PR execs, who sit at the table at the genesis of each brand’s holistic strategic development, are hyper-focused on the rankings a story can get, the SEO of the story they are pitching and the web traffic it can generate - as well as providing their media lists with new content pieces that can feature our clients.

The modern-day blend of digital PR and today’s celebrities who are now called Influencers is a powerful combination if executed correctly. Well-selected Influencers can impact in a big way by adding to the ongoing conversation with their personal perspective and legitimacy -- or they can be a complete waste of money, time and effort if done haphazardly. Identifying influencers with high follower counts can be done by anyone, or even programmatically.

The Story Room’s approach to Influencer programs is that we develop and manage them as an intrinsic component of the brand’s digital ecosystem, applying the same rigors as other platform activations. The skill is about smart curation and selection, collaborative planning, authentic execution, KPIs, and weaving them into a brand’s strategy to assure they add to the brand conversation in a valuable way.