Let’s be real. Posting on Facebook and Instagram the occasional posts by your community manager (or your agency’s intern) with recycled TV or print creative is no real strategy that will get you long term equity or even short term ROI. The rules of the game are harder than that - especially with the ecosystem your consumer lives in - your website, social, search, paid media, YouTube, review sites, your app - as all are interconnected and symbiotic and impact your many segments of audiences differently at different times, yet need to be cohesive.

That’s where we start.

We hold up an honest mirror of what your audience sees across everywhere they find you and it’s often surprising. That’s where the thinking and collaborating with you begins. We start with your truth, listen to your wishes and then get to work.

Our strategy team, led by our Chief Strategy Officer Diego Prusky a long-time industry expert and accomplished software engineer, has years of deep digital expertise having led and launched businesses for global clients before digital was cool. Yes, we are that old...but wise.

Below is a simplified approach of how we tackle defining the best activation map for your brand that acknowledges who you are and who you can be.